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Get The Look – February – RED, RED, RED of course – Philadelphia Wedding and Event Planner – Angela MALICKI events

With Valentines Day fast approaching, we often wonder what our sweetheart would like. Well, I made it easy for you because these are all things I like, particularly the Red Chanel Handbag! Our Get the Look features various red tones that work well with each other. If you look closely in our stationery photo you will see another favorite item on this board. Hope you have a great Valentines Day and be sure to give your honey the link to this post for all your favorite things.



Our Get the Look for Valentines Day - Titus Print, Chanel, Tom Ford - sounds good to me!

Our Get the Look for Valentines Day – Titus Print, Chanel, Tom Ford – sounds good to me!

1. Custom Philadelphia Inspired Wedding Invitation by Titus Print

2. Bianca Bow Pumps by Saint Laurent

3.Issy Scarf by Tory Burch

4. Opera Lipstick – Toledo Collection by MAC 

5. Red Leather Moto Jacket by Valentino

6. Chandelier Earrings by Stella and Dot

7. Jasmin Rouge by Tom Ford

8. Ted Baker Red iPhone Cover

9. Red Crystal Baccarat Vase

10. Red Quilted Chanel Bag

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Wedding Seating Chart 101 – Philadelphia Wedding And Event Planner – Angela MALICKI events


Head table with menu cards


Seating Chart Tips 101

For something that seems quit simple, actually tends to be a very tedious and tricky process. Designing the seating chart is something one should start constructing at the beginning of their wedding planning. I am going to provide you with some tips and tricks to help eliminate stress on the big wedding day! From learning seating cards vs. escort cards to organization ideas your seating chart process will be easy peasy!

Why Create A Seating Chart?

Guests particularly feel more comfortable with pre-arranged seating assignments for sit-down dinners. They want to be able to have somewhere to go to right away and put their stuff down. Having an assigned seat cuts down the confusion for when it is meal time. Also, it shows that you’ve put thought into their interests and who they would be compatable with!


Our client, Alex, created this visual aid for her seating chart.

Our client, Alex, created this visual aide to help organize her seating arrangements. She is getting married at the Lakehouse Inn this Fall!

While planing your seating chart use a visual aid and write names on small post-it notes to be able to physically move them around the seating chart! Using different colors is helpful to distinguish the guests relationship to the bride and groom (Family, Friends, Coworkers, ect.) This can be a great way to manage last minute cancelations as well as making sure there is a blance in the tables to ensure your guests a great reception!

Things to keep in mind:

– Plan for more people: It’s always a safe idea to have a some extra chairs and a table for back up. Some people forget to RSVP, bring their kids, show up with a date – and you want to be able to seat them all!

– Table arrangements: The Bridal table is genereally placed at the head of the dance floor facing the entertianment, arranging your table to be visible to all guests. Following is the bride and groom’s families, who should be the closest to the wedding party. Many perfer to seperate their families with the groom’s family on one side and the bride’s on the other. For the rest of the wedding guests you can try arranging people together with similar interests or backgrounds. Having a variety of coupled and single people as well as newer and older faces helps your guests feel more open and comfortable with each other.

– Floor plan size: Remember to keep the reception location in mind to be able to work around their floor plan. Places can usually provide you with a layout of the room for the reception. The visual aid above is great with experimenting different kinds of arrangements before making any final decisions!

Bridal Table vs. Sweethearts Table:

A Sweetheart Table is a small (usually circular) table for just the bride and groom to sit at during the reception. This table should be the focal point of the reception area facing their guests, with their bridal party and family members at adjacent tables. Couples may prefer this option so that they can spend some alone time together in an intimate setting on their special day. It also gives your wedding party an opportunity to sit with their dates or families.

Sweet heart Table with lace overlay

A Bridal Table (or head table) is designed for a couple who wants to be with their wedding party during the reception. Your head table can be similar to all of the other reception tables or it can be elevated to stand out. The bride and groom are set at the center of the table followed by the groomsman next to the bride and the bridesmaid next to the groom, then it goes every other (boy, girl) the rest of the way.

Head table                                                  Seating Chart vs. Escort Cards:

A Seating Chart is set up at the entrance of the wedding reception area to show each guest which table they will be seated at all on one large chart or diagram. It can either list guests by table or alphabetically by name. Seating charts are great for larger weddings because it is a bigger showcase on which people can locate their name and table. Be cautious that the writing is legible for all guests. You can get really creative with this display by using a chalkboard, window frame, mirrior – the ideas are endless!

Seating Chart 2- chalkboard sign

Escort Cards are generally little cards with the guest’s name and table number printed or written on them. Brides have been coming up with lots of creative ideas then just displaying cards – such as flowers, cute pinwheels, or even mini drinks with the guest’s name and table printed or tied onto the object. Escort cards are fun because they allow your guest to find their table while also recieving a delightful gift with their name on it! These are usually arranged in a inventive manor at the entrance of the wedding reception. A nice bonus about escort cards is that they can be changed up to the last minute while a seating chart may need printed days or weeks in advance.

Escort Cards

In the end, try not to stress about seating arrangements! It’s your fabulous wedding day and guest’s will be mingling while also getting groovey on the dance floor!!

xoxo Kelsey


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Hair trends for the “bride” to be – Beautiful Bride’s Philly – Philadelphia Wedding and Event Planner – Angela MALICKI events

Ladies are you looking for that perfect, trendy hairstyle for your wedding day? Than look no further! Dana Perisa, owner and her assistant Maggie Armstrong of Beautiful Brides Philly tells all! Take a look at our Q & A! Dana and her team are mobile hair and make up artists that come to you for any special event. BBP work speaks for itself, Dana and her team are professional, on trend and will make you feel like a princess. We recently worked with them on a event for Wish Upon a Wedding (a non profit organization) for Kelly and Michelle

Q: What are brides asking for?

A: Brides are asking for pretty much everything! We see a wide range of styles based on the brides personality. However, we do see a lot of half up half down styles and up-dos that incorporate braids and a lot of texture.

Q: Are classic hairstyles coming back?

A: A popular trend is to take a classic bridal hairstyle, and add a twist to it. Overall, brides are leaning towards a much more casual and easy-going look, rather then the “over done” – so that may mean instead of the slicked back look, pulling a few pieces of hair to frame the face.

Q: Do you see more up do’s or long curls? Or other?

A: It’s split evenly between the down-do and the up-do — it really depends greatly on the bride.

Q: What are mothers of the bride and groom asking for?

A: They usually gravitate towards a simple, but elegant blow out, or a classic hairstyle such as a french twist. There is no need to mess with what works!

Q: What hairstyle tends to go with certain types of dresses? (i.e. mermaid dresses look nice with long flowing hair)

A: The brides gown will reflect her personality, which will in turn reflect what kind of style she wants for her wedding day. If someone has chosen a big, Cinderella inspired dress, then her hair will probably reflect that drama and elegance. A bride who opts for a more casual, shift inspired frock, may go for a more casual down-do full of loose curls.

Q: Are headbands and pearls used in the hair frequently?

A: Headbands are a new addition to the already dizzying array of hair accessories that a bride can choose from, but we do see them. Sometimes, after the ceremony is over, the bride may opt to change out of her veil and into a more casual hair accessory.  Pearls are classic, so for a bride that has opted for a more traditional look may want to add a few pins with pearl to their ‘do.

Q: What is the most common hairstyle that you’ve done?

A: A common style we see is when the hair is gently pulled back to the crown of the head, curled, and pinned to create a mound of curls that is both flattering, and appropriate for aspecial occasion. Often we also see brides and bridal attendant request a half up half down look with romantic curls.

Q: Which celebrity hair style do brides want?

A: We see a lot of images of Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lawerence and Carrie Underwood.

Q: What can be done if any of the bridal parties hair do’s come undone?  

A: The hair styles we do never come undone! But in the rare case that they do, our stylists always leave some bobby pins and often recommend the bride have easy access to a can of hair spray. The bridal party member in question can opt for two options — pinning the curls back in place, or completely disassembling the updo and transforming it into an elegant down-do.

Q: What is your favorite hair do?

A: We love a classic, vintage inspired up-do. Something with some volume and structure, ala Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn.

Contact Beautiful Brides Phillly

1613 E. Passyunk Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19148


They can also be found on The Knot, Wedding Wire, Philadelphia Wedding Magazine and the Wedding Channel


My top five trend picks:  1. The long mermaid hair look. 2. A fish tail braid pulled to either side of the shoulder with a flower headband. 3. Hair french braided too back of head, ending in a flower.

French braid turned into flower

French braid turned into flower

4. Free flowing hair with one flower in ear. 5. Hair in a bun with pearls and flowers inserted throughout.

xoxo Jennarose

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Alison + Charlie- Part 2- Horticulture Center of Fairmount Park, Stephen STARR Events, Philadelphia Wedding and Event Planner – Angela MALICKI events

What an amazing and unique wedding this was! The bride and groom along with the wedding party began their day getting ready at Hotel Monaco of Philadelphia. The bride was cool, calm, and collected sipping champagne and having adorable mother/daughter moments before the nuptials.  Alison slipped into her amazing gown made by Le Spose di Giò  of Italy.  The grooms Aunt ( Pattie Lamantia),  owns The Wedding Shoppe in Wayne PA where the bride purchased her gown.

Alison getting ready at the Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia.

Alison getting ready at the Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia.

Alison gave me in site of how Pattie Lamantia helped her find the perfect wedding gown stating, “When I arrived at the shop for my first fitting, she had 10 or so dresses set aside already. She said, “these are all different shapes. Find the shape you like best for your body, and then you can go and pull dresses that you like.” It was such a great way to go about finding a dress. The last one I tried on was the gown I ended up wearing by Le Spose di Giò of Italy. I never even went and pulled any of my own. I think Pattie knew the entire time that was the dress for me. The Italian fabrics were so intricate and stunning .One of my favorite parts of the dress was the detachable train – it was like an entire different gown once I took it off. I’m so crazy about that dress and the designer.”

Ashley assisting Alison with her shoes.

Ashley assisting Alison with her shoes.

Charlie looking fabulous in his perfectly tailored tuxedo.

Charlie looking fabulous in his perfectly tailored tuxedo.

After everyone was ready we headed off to the Horticulture Center in Philadelphia. What an amazing venue this is! This outdoor wedding had beautiful weather and amazing details.  Chalk board signs, perfectly drawn, lead the guests to the wedding where they found another sign stating “Today two families become one. Pick a seat, not a side”.  All chalkboard art was done by artist Bill Strobel, a good friend and neighbor of Alison and Charlie!

I loved that Alison and Charlie saw  each other before their ceremony.

I loved that Alison and Charlie saw each other before their ceremony.

Ang walking with Alison to the limo heading to the Horticulture Center

Ang walking with Alison to the limo heading to the Horticulture Center

AMAZING chalkboard designs by Bill Strobel. He is phenom at his craft and no detail was missed.

AMAZING chalkboard designs by Bill Strobel. He is phenom at his craft and no detail was missed.  

Alison explained, He is so great to work with and everything was completely customizable. We had such an incredible team to work with!!” 

Ceremony location at The Horticulture Center facing the reflective pool. Breathtaking!

Ceremony location at The Horticulture Center facing the reflective pool. Breathtaking!

Another truly unique thing about this wedding was that Charlie and Alison had a Signature Drink! The name of the drink; The Artist! This delicious drink was made from fresh squeezed grapefruit prosecco, St Germaine grapefruit Twist! How cute! The reception was country chic! With elegant lace runners on the tables pieced with flower arrangements by Ten Pennies floral.  The flowers were absolutely gorgeous with a mix of cream flowers with a pop of  yellow gerber daisys. When I spoke with Alison I asked her where the inspiration for their wedding came from, She stated, The inspiration from our wedding came from our everyday style and from me growing up in New England. Charlie and I both love the old-time, unique feel of rustic & antique accents. The Horticulture Center is so gorgeous, we wanted to let the venue shine on its own. The color scheme lent to that as well. We wanted neutral colors so the amazing plants and flowers would pop without a lot of other colors competing. That is why we also chose to have mainly white flowers, with green and yellow throughout. We wanted an outdoor wedding, and the reception inside the Horticulture Center felt like we weren’t indoors at all.”

Alison and her dad walking down the flower lined path towards Charlie by the reflective pool.

Alison and her dad walking down the flower lined path towards Charlie by the reflective pool.

All glass vessels were purchased by the couple and guests were encouraged to take them home after the event.

All glass vessels were purchased by the couple and guests were encouraged to take them home after the event.

The guests enjoyed the couples signature drink,”The Artist” along with yummy bites catered by Stephen STARR events. The guests then proceeded to the main greenhouse where DJ Royale was spinning classics and hip beats. Alison and Charlie surprised the  guests with a choreographed dance, I love this touch!

DJ Royale kept the dance floor packed at the Horticulture Center

DJ Royale kept the dance floor packed at the Horticulture Center. Eventions Productions did a great job as usual with the lighting.

Ashley and Angela working hard at Alison and Charlie's wedding! (photo taken by Ang )

Ashley and Angela working hard at Alison and Charlie’s wedding! (photo taken by Ang )

The event was truly amazing and Alison and Charlie were fantastic to work with! We wish them all the happiness in the world! xo, Alicia Professionals: Wedding Coordinator: Angela MALICKI events Photographer: Mary Beth Anderson Videographer: Ben Stelle Productions Flowers: Ten Pennies Florists Transportation: Philadelphia Trolley Works Entertainment: DJ Royale Venue: The Horticulture Center- STARR events Lighting: Eventions Productions Graphic Design and Signage – Bill Strobel  bill_strobel@yahoo.com (he’s amazing – friend of the couple) Officiate: Rowland Adomoli (friend of the couple) Ceremony Music: Andrew Allen and Mia Friedman (friend of the couple)

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Destination Aloha, In Philly? – Philadelphia Wedding and Event Planner – Angela MALICKI events

Close your eyes… think lounging on the beach in your own cabana, sipping on your Mai Tai with those cute little umbrella straws hanging over the side. Can you hear the ocean waves rolling onto the beach? The warm water barely coming up to your toes, which are now slowly digging deeper and deeper into that soft, powder-like sand. Got that image in your head?

Now open your eyes. As your staring at your computer screen in the corner of your work cubicle realizing how nice it would be to get away, I have one question for you- who wouldn’t want to go to Hawaii for vacation this year? Oh, can’t afford the $1,500, 24 hour round trip, plane tickets? Don’t have time to take off a week from your over-demanding job? Suddenly all relatives are MIA when needing someone to watch your three, darling children?

What’s the next best thing? Why, the Hawaii Islands of Aloha themed Philadelphia Flower Show of course! Starting at $27 a pop, tickets are much more affordable than that 12 hour plane ticket (and the commute should be a little easier for you too). And the best part is, the whole family can come! If that doesn’t do it for you, know that all proceeds from the show help out the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. Taking a mini Hawaiian vacation AND helping a good cause? Well that’s just a win/win for everyone.

The Philadelphia Flower Show truly has something for everyone. Doors of the Pennsylvania Convention Center open Sunday, March 4 at 8am and close Sunday, March 11 at 6pm. Sprinkled throughout the week are “themed nights” ranging from LGBT Night Out on Monday to Girls Night Out later in the week on Thursday. You can even meet Bethenny Frankel  on Saturday and try out some of her new Skinny Girl Cocktails. For those of us who have kids, during the weekends are events geared to a younger crowd, and how about the men in our lives?? Well for them, the ultimate Man Cave was created including table games sponsored by SugarHouse Casino, virtual competitions of Tiger Wood’s PGA, and projection screens broadcasting Sixers and Flyers games (surround sound included).

And guess who will be attending Wedding Wednesday? Of course Angela and her crew wouldn’t miss an event like this! Sponsored by Philadelphia Wedding, this event is held Wednesday from 5:30-8:30pm. Make sure to check out our table display, featuring custom-made stationary from Angela’s new line, Titus Print! There will be champagne, complimentary appetizers, and of course all types of flower displays, as well as DIY Bouquet stations hosted by Philadelphia Wedding’s Carrie Denny, and flower arranging demonstrations by Flowers by David and Robertson’s Flowers.

Hope to see you there!



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