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Glitter, Glitz, and Glam – Carla + Gregory – Custom Wedding Invitation – Philadelphia Stationery Designer – Titus Print

We had the pleasure of working with Carla and Gregory on a custom invitation for their wedding this November. Gregory is the brother of our past client – Gigi(Jamal), who’s invitations we designed and wedding we coordinated a few years ago. Their chic color scheme included – rich navy, platinum and silver. Carla liked the idea of a square layered invitation completed with a glitter belly band and logo. We used textured white card stock for all elements including the main invitation and other pieces. The outer envelope consisted of navy shimmer that was lined with the same silver shimmer paper used for the bellyband. Carla LOVED the complete invitation! Instead of a reply card with envelope – we created a reply post card that worked perfectly and saved the couple on postage. For more information on this or other Titus Print invitations, please contact us at hello@titusprint.com or Angela Malicki at 267.253.0573

Carla and Gregory's glitter square wedding invitation. Custom Designed by Titus Print - www.titusprint.com www.angelamalickievents.com

Carla and Gregory’s glitter square wedding invitation. Custom Designed by Titus Print – http://www.titusprint.com

Upclose details of Carla and Gregory's wedding invitation. Invitation design by Titus Print - www.titusprint.com

Upclose details of Carla and Gregory’s wedding invitation. Invitation design by Titus Print – http://www.titusprint.com

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Another Happy Client – Alex and Greg – The Lakehouse Inn – October Wedding – Philadelphia Wedding and Event Planner – Angela MALICKI events

Where do I begin on how much we LOVED this couple! We met Alex and Greg in September of 2012 for their wedding this October. Both, very busy with their careers and enjoying the long engagement – we had the opportunity of getting to know them better. When the day finally came, it all sunk in – this beautiful couple is getting married and we were honored to have been a part of the planning process. Thank you to my team – Kelsey and Sarah for all your hard work day of!

Thank you Alex and Greg for the beautiful thank you note, it really made my day and we loved working with you and your awesome family!!!!



Thank you Alex and Greg for the kind words - had a blast at your wedding at the Lakehouse Inn

Thank you Alex and Greg for the kind words – had a blast at your wedding at the Lakehouse Inn


Wow! I cannot believe I’m writing thank you’s right now! Two year of planning!!!! It was the most spectacular wedding! Everything I could have dreamt & much more! I cannot thank you enough for everything, from choosing vendors to making sure I got my dance floor, you were remarkable!

Your assistants were amazing! I felt so at ease & they made sure I had anything & everything! I feel like throughout the whole process I also made a new friend in you! You are truly great! 

Thank you again for the best wedding ever!


Alex & Greg”

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Get the Look – September – Malachite and Marigold – Philadelphia Wedding and Event Planner – Angela MALICKI events

The leaves are changing and so is my style! Fall season is offically here, along with a great excuse to go on a shopping spree to update your wardrobe and accessories! On this last day of September we wanted to share one of our rich color combos of yellow, shades of blue along with green. Check out a few of our favorite styles for this months Get The Look, mine is the Fendi Zip wallet. Enjoy the start to new fall trends!



Get inspired with our Malachite and Marigold storyboard for the fall season

Get inspired with our Malachite and Marigold storyboard for the fall season

1. Handmade Layered Invitation with Cairnwood Mansion detail by Titus Print

2. Fendi Zip wallet

3. Smashbox Limitless Waterproof Eyeliner

4. Cactus Blossom Cuff by Anthro – item 31814429

5.  Amla Floral Round Rug

6. YSL Tribute Pumps

7. Alexander McQueen silk Scarf

8. OPI Nail Polish in “I’m making the switch to this deep jungle green”

9. Chevron Patterned IPad case

10. Loro Piana All weather Men’s Jacket

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Wedding Seating Chart 101 – Philadelphia Wedding And Event Planner – Angela MALICKI events


Head table with menu cards


Seating Chart Tips 101

For something that seems quit simple, actually tends to be a very tedious and tricky process. Designing the seating chart is something one should start constructing at the beginning of their wedding planning. I am going to provide you with some tips and tricks to help eliminate stress on the big wedding day! From learning seating cards vs. escort cards to organization ideas your seating chart process will be easy peasy!

Why Create A Seating Chart?

Guests particularly feel more comfortable with pre-arranged seating assignments for sit-down dinners. They want to be able to have somewhere to go to right away and put their stuff down. Having an assigned seat cuts down the confusion for when it is meal time. Also, it shows that you’ve put thought into their interests and who they would be compatable with!


Our client, Alex, created this visual aid for her seating chart.

Our client, Alex, created this visual aide to help organize her seating arrangements. She is getting married at the Lakehouse Inn this Fall!

While planing your seating chart use a visual aid and write names on small post-it notes to be able to physically move them around the seating chart! Using different colors is helpful to distinguish the guests relationship to the bride and groom (Family, Friends, Coworkers, ect.) This can be a great way to manage last minute cancelations as well as making sure there is a blance in the tables to ensure your guests a great reception!

Things to keep in mind:

– Plan for more people: It’s always a safe idea to have a some extra chairs and a table for back up. Some people forget to RSVP, bring their kids, show up with a date – and you want to be able to seat them all!

– Table arrangements: The Bridal table is genereally placed at the head of the dance floor facing the entertianment, arranging your table to be visible to all guests. Following is the bride and groom’s families, who should be the closest to the wedding party. Many perfer to seperate their families with the groom’s family on one side and the bride’s on the other. For the rest of the wedding guests you can try arranging people together with similar interests or backgrounds. Having a variety of coupled and single people as well as newer and older faces helps your guests feel more open and comfortable with each other.

– Floor plan size: Remember to keep the reception location in mind to be able to work around their floor plan. Places can usually provide you with a layout of the room for the reception. The visual aid above is great with experimenting different kinds of arrangements before making any final decisions!

Bridal Table vs. Sweethearts Table:

A Sweetheart Table is a small (usually circular) table for just the bride and groom to sit at during the reception. This table should be the focal point of the reception area facing their guests, with their bridal party and family members at adjacent tables. Couples may prefer this option so that they can spend some alone time together in an intimate setting on their special day. It also gives your wedding party an opportunity to sit with their dates or families.

Sweet heart Table with lace overlay

A Bridal Table (or head table) is designed for a couple who wants to be with their wedding party during the reception. Your head table can be similar to all of the other reception tables or it can be elevated to stand out. The bride and groom are set at the center of the table followed by the groomsman next to the bride and the bridesmaid next to the groom, then it goes every other (boy, girl) the rest of the way.

Head table                                                  Seating Chart vs. Escort Cards:

A Seating Chart is set up at the entrance of the wedding reception area to show each guest which table they will be seated at all on one large chart or diagram. It can either list guests by table or alphabetically by name. Seating charts are great for larger weddings because it is a bigger showcase on which people can locate their name and table. Be cautious that the writing is legible for all guests. You can get really creative with this display by using a chalkboard, window frame, mirrior – the ideas are endless!

Seating Chart 2- chalkboard sign

Escort Cards are generally little cards with the guest’s name and table number printed or written on them. Brides have been coming up with lots of creative ideas then just displaying cards – such as flowers, cute pinwheels, or even mini drinks with the guest’s name and table printed or tied onto the object. Escort cards are fun because they allow your guest to find their table while also recieving a delightful gift with their name on it! These are usually arranged in a inventive manor at the entrance of the wedding reception. A nice bonus about escort cards is that they can be changed up to the last minute while a seating chart may need printed days or weeks in advance.

Escort Cards

In the end, try not to stress about seating arrangements! It’s your fabulous wedding day and guest’s will be mingling while also getting groovey on the dance floor!!

xoxo Kelsey


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Sun- less Summer? Say no more! Philadelphia wedding and Event Planner- Angela MALICKI events

Heavens to betsey! Summer has finally arrived, one of my favorite parts about the summer is tanning and the beach! But it’s important to practice safe sun! There are many misconceptions about self tanning, especially spray tanning. The days of looking like an oompa loompa are over- unless you didn’t  follow the directions or your 10 year old sister helped you out . Instead of hitting the tanning bed (which causes wrinkles, dry skin and damage long term) try spray tanning before your wedding day, girls night out, prom or just because- guys, this includes you too:)

Contact our girls Alexa  or Anna , owners of Luminosity tanning ( they offer teeth whitening too) , for an appointment. Luminosity offers  custom airbrush tanning ( a Technician uses an airbrush machine and  customizes your tan by color) or booth spray tanning( easy peezy quick 6 seconds of your life)  both methods are safe and last for a week. Custom airbrush is Ang’s favorite!



Front desk at luminosity. I spy philadelphia style magazine

I got the chance to interview Anna Kelly, co-owner of Luminosity.

Below is a quick Q & A that may just have the answer to all your questions. 

Q: What do I wear for my tan?

A: For the clothing before and after your tan, wear loose, dark fitting clothing with loose footwear such as flip flops.

Q: What are some products for sunless tanning and what is the preparation/aftercare?

A: Prep and aftercare are crucial to the life of your sunless tan.

PREPERATION: Before your tan you should, up to 24 hours in advance, shower, shave and fully exfoliate your skin. This will remove all dry flaky skin and leave healthy skin cells to absorb the tan.  Clean, dry skin, without any makeup, moisturizers or deodorant is best.

AFTERCARE:After your sunless tanning session you should not get wet, shower or sweat for a minimum of 6-8 hours. This includes showers, pools, sweating, rain, mani/pedis etc. After your first shower, start moisturizing!

Keep the skin hydrated at all times. Avoid body cleanser or moisturizer with any exfoliates, a high alcohol and fragrance content, or oils as these strip your sunless tan faster. Do not use loofahs or rough wash clothes and make sure you gently pat dry with your towel after bathing. Any soap or lotion labeled “paraben free” is best for prolonging your tan.

Spray Tanning Skin

You can still have sexy tan lines. Photo by luminosity

Q: When is it OK to tan before the big wedding, prom, formal, etc?

A: We recommend doing your airbrush tan 1 or 2 days before your event. The color will last 5-8 days on average. We also always suggest a trial to be done weeks before your event so you can try out the tan. This way you will know if you want to go darker, lighter etc. for the actual event.

Q: Is it good to tan for your wedding or be all natural?

A: We suggest a light, natural airbrush tan for all of our brides. It’s amazing what a little color can do! Nobody wants to look fake tan in their wedding pictures, but a healthy glow is a must.

Q: Do you condone self-tanning?

A: We absolutely support sunless tanning! It’s our mission to provide a SAFE and HEALTHY way to get the natural sun kissed glow while avoiding harmful UV rays. These harmful rays come from the sun and UV tanning beds.

Q: What are the side effects?

A: There are no adverse side effects with sunless tanning, we even carry organic solution.  We do provide all of the safety options you may use to make your tan safe, and successful.

Ang loves being a bronze beauty

Ang loves being a bronze beauty, tan by luminosity – photo by Angels Malicki events

If you should have any more questions, or are interested in sunless tanning, below is information on how to contact Luminosity! Tell them your favorite wedding planner sent ya!

The Court at The King of Prussia mall
Lower level, across from pottery barn kids
690 West Dekalb Pike
King of Prussia, PA 19406
Philadelphia/ Manayunk
4167 Main Street
Philadelphia, PA 19127
INSTAGRAM: luminosity_smiles
Thank you again to Alexa and Anna!



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Specialty Drinks: 10 Refreshing Cocktail Recipes – Philadelphia Wedding and Event Planner – Angela MALICKI Events

Nothing says summer more than a refreshing drink! Now’s the time to lay out by the pool, soak up some sun rays, and cool off with a summer cocktail.

Today I am going to share a variety of 10 drinks that will leave you feeling like you’re on vacation at the beach…

1. Raspberry Beer Cocktail {Recipe via A Cup of Mai}


2. Watermelon Margarita {Recipe via Domestic Superhero}


3. Sunset Sangria {Recipe via Wine & Glue}


4. Pink Sapphire { Recipe via Drinking in America}


5. Blackberry Perrier Mojito {Recipe via Red Book}


6. Blue Raspberry Spiked Lemonade {Recipe via Table Spoon}


7. Indian Summer Cocktail {Recipe via A Spicy Perspective}


8. The Gin Ricky {Recipe via Oh So Beautiful Paper}


9. Ciroc Pomegranate Lemonade {Recipe via Nightclub & Bar}


10. Apple Cider Margarita {Recipe via Greatist}


What summertime cocktail has you feeling refreashed?



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Angela + Christopher – Sneak Peek Part 1-Atrium at the Curtis Center- Philadelphia Wedding Planner- Angela MALICKI Events- Titus Print

This summer we had the pleasure of working with Angela and Chris day of on their glamorous chic wedding! We’ve known Angela (via Eric) for years and knew when her and Chris met in 09′ , this was a match made in heaven. We were honored when they asked us to design their wedding stationery and assist with Day of. We started our day at the Hotel Monaco where the bride was sipping champagne getting pampered before slipping into her stunning beaded gown.  The bridesmaids looked fabulous in their long satin black gowns, completed with perfect pink bouquets designed by Petah Bashano Flowers.  Once Angela put on her Jimmy Choo’s , we were good to go and we made our way to the  Cathedral Basillica of Saints Peter and Paul in Philadelphia. After  the ceremony Eric and I headed to the reception at the Atrium at the Curtis Center where we began set up of all the gorgeous details the couple worked on.  The Reception was breathtaking with a black, white, and pink theme, customized all the way to the “Eat. Drink. And Be Married” napkins found at the bar.

                          Fabulous place setting(menu designed by Titus Print) bottle of Pinot gift customized with Angela and Chris’ monogram( Chris made all the wine himself)!

Fabulous place setting(menu designed by Titus Print) and bottle of Pinot gift customized with Angela and Chris’ monogram( Chris made all the wine himself)!

                                                          Custom dance floor!  table seating cards! Gorgeous!

Custom monogrammed dance floor, and table seating cards! Gorgeous!

(All designed by Titus Print)

                                                                                 Atrium at the Curtis CenterCustom Photobooth! So cute

Atrium at the Curtis Center and the custom Photobooth! So cute!

(Shutterbooth Philadelphia kept the crowd busy – Designed by Titus Print)

Petah Bashano floral designs, Jimmy Choo, Table setting.

Floral bouquet designs by Petah Bashano, Angela’s Jimmy Choo Shoes and matching bag ( we had to show them off they are gorgeous!), and one of the three amazing table settings at the Curtis Center!

The wedding party and bride and groom and the cake!

The stunning bridesmaids with the bride, the Bride and Groom, and Angela and Chris’ amazing cake! Angela found a pic of this cake 5 years ago in a magazine and lost the clipping! This year luckily after some research she found it online!


Three different centerpieces at the Atrium at the Curtis Center!

team at Angela and Chris' wedding

Our amazing team Alicia, Eric, and Jenna!

Angela and Chris’ wedding was truly fabulous and city chic! We wish them all the best and we are so happy we could help on their special day!

Professional photos to come!

All stationary, seating cards, custom wine labels, and custom photo-booth designed by Titus Print a subsidiary of Angela MALICKI events

Photos by Alicia Madonna for Angela MALICKI events

xo, Alicia

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Romantic Date Night in the comfort of your own home – Valentine’s Day Part 3 – Philadelphia Wedding and Event Planner – Angela MALICKI events

photo by foobooz

photo by foobooz

Now a days, holidays like this just don’t work in your favor – work has you tied up , the rent may be due or it’s not in the budget. Not to worry. You too can get creative with that in your own home with a few of these DIY Valentine’s Day  tips. For more inspiration, read our previous blog post on DIY V-Day

Keep it simple – Pizza and Beer – nuff’ said!

Step it up – Serve that pizza or special dinner on the china you received as a wedding gift. At least you can say you used it once this year.

Ambiance – Spruce up the place with flowers in bud vases, candles and cute pillows. Turn your coffee table into a romantic dinning area – add  those pillows, table linens and flowers, and you have the perfect picnic style look.

Team effort – Involve your partner in the cooking process – (pick up all the items needed in advance), have everything prepped and go from there. Get the vino out and start cooking.

Easy cop out – Order from your favorite restaurant and serve. Easy peezy.


Hope these tips were helpful in preparing for next Thursday!



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Amanda and Michael – Arts Ballroom – Philadelphia Wedding and Event Planner – Angela MALICKI events

Oh how I love this couple! From the first time we met, right away we clicked and I knew their wedding would be an amazing one.  Jenna and I started our day at the Doubletree Hotel Philadelphia on Broad Street, where Claudia Seyler  was finishing up with Amanda’s hair and make up. See looked amazing! Amanda looked so beautiful in her Alita Graham gown with crystal Ali Ellie belt.

Amanda and her dad arrived in a white Rolls Royce Phantom to the Basilica as her guests waited patiently. The bridal party lined up and ready to go, we were about to start – this is my favorite part.  Mike and all the groomsmen waiting at the alter as Amanda and her father walked down slowly to “Trumpet Voluntary” by Clarke, it was perfect.

After the ceremony, time for  pictures – Phil Kramer, whom we worked with at Gigi and Jamal’s wedding,  took pictures  at the Philadelphia Art Museum and various locations in the city before the reception. I love all the images captured and the love that they have for one another showed. It started to drizzle – they say it’s good luck to rain on your wedding day – so we headed to the Doubletree Hotel where the couple relaxed before the big party.

The Arts Ballroom looked amazing, all the details came together beautifully as Eric and I were putting the finishing touches in the ballroom. Eventions Productions uplit the cocktail room in a soft sky blue color to accentuate the columns and ceiling. The ballroom was spectacular, all the tables were covered in satin champagne floor length linens and paired with gold chiavari chairs. The tablescape was as grand as the ballroom ,we worked closely with Adrianne  of Robertson’s Flowers on their centerpieces.

The couple had 2 different centerpieces consisting of lush white hydrangea and roses in white and cream. The larger pieces were nestled at the base of a large crystal candelabra lit with floating candles. The other centerpieces were a lower version. The tables were complete with custom designed table signs (all designed by Titus Print), and menu cards, all in rich gold and opal shimmer cardstock.

The guests were greeted with the couple’s signature drink, “The Astronaut” as they nibbled on STARR’s amazing food. Amanda and Mike wanted their guests to have fun, as their wedding favor, they had Shutterbooth Photobooth there for the entire event. It was a big success.

We revealed the reception space to Amanda and Mike before their guests and they were soo happy. They walked onto the dancefloor where we had placed their custom designed Gobo with their logo. Positioned next to their sweetheart table was their spectacular cake designed by Whipped Bakeshop, the couple had their initial positioned in the center of this edible masterpiece.

The party started right away with their intro, Amanda and Mike walked into the song “Otis” by Jay Z and Kanye, mixed nicely by DJ Bizz of CTO Artists. The party was non-stop and guests were on the dancefloor all night.

The couple’s first song was “Baby I’m Amazed” by Paul Mc Cartney, it was so beautiful.

The couple shared special dances with their parents, where they let them choose their own songs. This is a great way to involve both parents with the music selection during that memorable moment. DJ Bizz surprised the guests with Egyptian club music that had everyone on the dancefloor once again. The couple was hoisted on chairs above the guests, another Egyptian tradition, as everyone danced around them. What an awesome way to end a fabulous wedding.

Thank you Amanda and Michael for letting us plan your amazing wedding. You were great to work with and we love you both. Hope you had a great time in  The Dominican Republic.



Professionals –

Planner – Angela MALICKI events

Photographer – Phil Kramer Photographers

Videographer – Marc Smiler – The Video Artist

Prep Location – Doubletree Philadelphia

Hair and Make up – Claudia Seyler

Flowers – Robertson’s Flowers

Bride’s Attire – Alita Graham exclusively at Kleinfelds

Bride’s Accessories –

Belt: Ali Ellie beyond the dress
Earrings: MEG Jewelry
Bracelet: Custom made by Justine M Couture
Headband: Maria Elena

Shoes – Badgley Mischka

Bridesmaid Dresses – White by Vera Wang Davids Bridal

Groomsmen Attire – Mens Warehouse

Transportation – Philadelphia Trolley Works

Rolls Royce – Premier Luxury Rentals

Ceremony – The Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul

Reception Location – Arts Ballroom

Caterer – STARR events

Bakery – Whipped Bakeshop

Lighting – Eventions Productions

Stationery – Titus Print

Entertainment – CTO Artists

Photobooth – Shutterbooth Philadelphia

Groom’s gift the bride: Jewelery from Tiffany’s
Bride’s Gift to the Groom: Custom painting of Johnny Cash (He love’s him)
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Find Titus Print + Angela MALICKI events in Philadelphia Magazine! – Philadelphia Wedding and Event Planner – Angela MALICKI events

titus print philadelphia magazine december 2012 issue

Find Titus Print in the December Issue 2012 of Philadelphia Magazine

Find us this month in Philadelphia Magazine this month in – Shop. Give. Be Merry section from pages 120-123. Titus Print, our custom stationery division of Angela MALICKI events is offering a special promo to newly engaged couples with mention of us in the magazine. Call or email us for more information. Info@angelamalickievents.com or 267.253.0573

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