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Ladies are you looking for that perfect, trendy hairstyle for your wedding day? Than look no further! Dana Perisa, owner and her assistant Maggie Armstrong of Beautiful Brides Philly tells all! Take a look at our Q & A! Dana and her team are mobile hair and make up artists that come to you for any special event. BBP work speaks for itself, Dana and her team are professional, on trend and will make you feel like a princess. We recently worked with them on a event for Wish Upon a Wedding (a non profit organization) for Kelly and Michelle

Q: What are brides asking for?

A: Brides are asking for pretty much everything! We see a wide range of styles based on the brides personality. However, we do see a lot of half up half down styles and up-dos that incorporate braids and a lot of texture.

Q: Are classic hairstyles coming back?

A: A popular trend is to take a classic bridal hairstyle, and add a twist to it. Overall, brides are leaning towards a much more casual and easy-going look, rather then the “over done” – so that may mean instead of the slicked back look, pulling a few pieces of hair to frame the face.

Q: Do you see more up do’s or long curls? Or other?

A: It’s split evenly between the down-do and the up-do — it really depends greatly on the bride.

Q: What are mothers of the bride and groom asking for?

A: They usually gravitate towards a simple, but elegant blow out, or a classic hairstyle such as a french twist. There is no need to mess with what works!

Q: What hairstyle tends to go with certain types of dresses? (i.e. mermaid dresses look nice with long flowing hair)

A: The brides gown will reflect her personality, which will in turn reflect what kind of style she wants for her wedding day. If someone has chosen a big, Cinderella inspired dress, then her hair will probably reflect that drama and elegance. A bride who opts for a more casual, shift inspired frock, may go for a more casual down-do full of loose curls.

Q: Are headbands and pearls used in the hair frequently?

A: Headbands are a new addition to the already dizzying array of hair accessories that a bride can choose from, but we do see them. Sometimes, after the ceremony is over, the bride may opt to change out of her veil and into a more casual hair accessory.  Pearls are classic, so for a bride that has opted for a more traditional look may want to add a few pins with pearl to their ‘do.

Q: What is the most common hairstyle that you’ve done?

A: A common style we see is when the hair is gently pulled back to the crown of the head, curled, and pinned to create a mound of curls that is both flattering, and appropriate for aspecial occasion. Often we also see brides and bridal attendant request a half up half down look with romantic curls.

Q: Which celebrity hair style do brides want?

A: We see a lot of images of Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lawerence and Carrie Underwood.

Q: What can be done if any of the bridal parties hair do’s come undone?  

A: The hair styles we do never come undone! But in the rare case that they do, our stylists always leave some bobby pins and often recommend the bride have easy access to a can of hair spray. The bridal party member in question can opt for two options — pinning the curls back in place, or completely disassembling the updo and transforming it into an elegant down-do.

Q: What is your favorite hair do?

A: We love a classic, vintage inspired up-do. Something with some volume and structure, ala Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn.

Contact Beautiful Brides Phillly

1613 E. Passyunk Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19148


They can also be found on The Knot, Wedding Wire, Philadelphia Wedding Magazine and the Wedding Channel


My top five trend picks:  1. The long mermaid hair look. 2. A fish tail braid pulled to either side of the shoulder with a flower headband. 3. Hair french braided too back of head, ending in a flower.

French braid turned into flower

French braid turned into flower

4. Free flowing hair with one flower in ear. 5. Hair in a bun with pearls and flowers inserted throughout.

xoxo Jennarose

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