5 Trendy PATTERNS for you this spring – Philadelphia Wedding and Event Planner – Angela MALICKI events

Spring is upon us…FINALLY! The way I celebrate spring is with a little retail therapy, fresh pedi and updating my wardrobe with chic patterns! I’ve got a fashionista for a mom and her and I have been collaborating on what’s hot for pattern trends  for 2014 <3!

My top 5 picks for a fabulous Spring season –  Get the look! Check out the links in blue

Bohemian (a great way to branch out and engage with your gypsy side)

Bohemian Hip

Bohemian Hip

Floral (and not just for women, men’s pants as well as see on the runway and in Glamour magazine)

Fall in love with floral

Fall in love with floral

Geometric (as seen on the runway, many different shapes molded together to create a piece fit for anybody type)

It's a shape..it's geometric

It’s a shape..it’s geometric

Chevron (seen a lot of especially if you need a quick look for a job interview) (fall into geometric category)

Chevron Dress

Chevron Dress

Lace (classy but elegant at the same time) I’ve seen multiple women stepping out in maxi lace skirts with a matching color underskirt paired for a crop top or baggy t-shirt) (one of my personal favorites)

Lace in a maxi skirt

Lace in a maxi skirt

Hope you enjoyed these trends! Step out and try something new if you haven’t already! But remember you’re never fully dressed without a smile!


Ang’s 5 favorite trends for Spring

1. Miami Chic with lots of coral, fuchsia, and lapis blue. Think Versace!

2. Bronzed skin, tangerine hued lips with simple liner.

3. Caged heels and colored toes.

4. Statement pieces including jewelry, bold earrings and colored handbags.

5. Signature scent for Spring – mine is Shanghai Lily by Tom Ford.


Jennarose’s 5 Spring Trends

1. Neon nails (pink, green, yellow) with midi rings, and clumped bangles

2. High waisted denim shorts, with caged back tank top with chunky wedges

3. Maxi skirt with oversized flannel, chunky bracelets, large pocketbook and neon nails

4. White skinny jeans with teal tube top and wedges

5. And to top it all off, simple casual makeup with a hot pink lip




Kristie’s 5 Spring Trends

1. A Pair of  Tory Burch Polaroid shades

2. Flashy white and gold watch

3. Spring colored nails – keep your fingers glamorous!

4. Wedge sandals, to give a little height to those of us who are short 😉

5. Bright orange Michael Kors Bag





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