10 Things to do BEFORE the Big Day. Philadelphia Wedding and Event Planner -Angela MALICKI events

You’ve planned the perfect event so far and checked off all major details. Now it’s your turn not to forget what’s on your personal checklist. The morning of, you should be enjoying time with your “maids” sipping on mimosas and listening to Pandora, not stressing out about forgetting your Judith Leiber clutch at home that you received as a gift from your auntie in Boca! Here are a few tips that we know will make your day stress-free. Number 10 is my favorite and might need a couple repeats 🙂

1.Decide what to wear while getting ready: The night before the big day lay out your getting ready clothes for the next morning. You don’t need a Bride labeled outfit or monogrammed robe but definitely put some thought into what you will wear while getting ready.  You most likely will be photographed while getting ready, so keep that in mind and try not to wear a shirt or dress that you need to pull over your finished makeup and hair.  Try to find a cute button down dress or really anything that buttons or zips so it is easy to change!


photo by Baiada Photography

2. Pack your day of clutch: You won’t need much on your wedding day, but you will want to pack in a clutch some emergency items.  You should think of packing breath mints, tissues, a travel size deodorant, and a list of your vendor’s and their phone numbers. Just to be safe!


3. Pack everything in one bag! The morning of your wedding you will not want to be running around trying to get everything together.   Try and pack all of your things in one bag the night before so your morning is easy and you can just pick it up and go.  You should pack your getting ready wear, all of your jewelry that you will wear on your wedding day, your wedding shoes, any hair accessories, and your day of clutch.


4. Buy and pack a cute pair of flip flops or flats! This is a HUGE MUST.  You might be a girl who can wear heels all night while going out with friends, but your wedding day is a long day.  You don’t want to risk your shoes hurting your feet and not have a backup plan.  Pack comfortable flip flops or cute flats that you can change into! That way you will never have to worry about not being able to dance all night and have a great time at your reception!


5. Have a back up hair plan: You never know how your hair is going to react to the weather that day or if you end up not liking the way your stylist did your hair.  The week leading up to your wedding try out some hair styles that you can do yourself with your own products.


photo by Stringer Photography by Lori and Neville

6. Surrender your cell phone: The night before your wedding you don’t want to be stressed out dealing with last minute arrangements.  Give your cell phone to your maid of honor or your mom to take those last minute phone calls about where to park or what time to come.  That way you are only handling phone calls that require your attention.


7. Write your last love letter as a fiancé: I love this idea to write a love note to your groom the night before the wedding.  That way the next morning you can give the letter to one of the groom’s men to hand off to your husband to be.  He can read it while getting ready before the wedding and get him even more excited to see you walk down the aisle.

notecard designed by www.titusprint.com

notecard designed by http://www.titusprint.com

8. Find some time to relax: The week leading up to your wedding you need to set some time aside to yourself. This would be a perfect time to get a mani-pedi or just go to the spa and get a massage.  After all you deserve it! You have been working hard planning your wedding!

Demetra getting her make up done by DUO Make Up Artistry. I love her pink crystal encrusted heels

Demetra getting her make up done by DUO Make Up Artistry. I love her pink crystal encrusted heels

9. Plan some alone time with your fiancé: The last month of planning your wedding can be stressful and your mind can sometimes be clouded with last minute wedding to do’s.  Plan a night with your fiancé that is wedding talk free.  Just be with each other and enjoy a night without the worry about how the table settings and flowers are going to look.


10. Practice the first kiss as husband and wife! Last but definitely not least! Practice the kiss with your fiancé! This can’t ever hurt!

I love the Croquobouche designed by Aux Petit Delice

I love the Croquobouche designed by Aux Petit Delice – photo by Ash Imagery

xo, Alica

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