Romantic Date Night in the comfort of your own home – Valentine’s Day Part 3 – Philadelphia Wedding and Event Planner – Angela MALICKI events

photo by foobooz

photo by foobooz

Now a days, holidays like this just don’t work in your favor – work has you tied up , the rent may be due or it’s not in the budget. Not to worry. You too can get creative with that in your own home with a few of these DIY Valentine’s Day  tips. For more inspiration, read our previous blog post on DIY V-Day

Keep it simple – Pizza and Beer – nuff’ said!

Step it up – Serve that pizza or special dinner on the china you received as a wedding gift. At least you can say you used it once this year.

Ambiance – Spruce up the place with flowers in bud vases, candles and cute pillows. Turn your coffee table into a romantic dinning area – add  those pillows, table linens and flowers, and you have the perfect picnic style look.

Team effort – Involve your partner in the cooking process – (pick up all the items needed in advance), have everything prepped and go from there. Get the vino out and start cooking.

Easy cop out – Order from your favorite restaurant and serve. Easy peezy.


Hope these tips were helpful in preparing for next Thursday!



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