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Are you ready to turn that mainstream hairstyle into a trendy, sexy summer look? Get your hair ready for Summer 2012 in just a few simple ways! As you may already know, celebrities tend to set the trends in fashion and hairstyles; however, it is very simple to get the look that they are rocking! First, there are a few hair color styles that seem to be turning heads in the fashion industry. A new favorite fashion trend is, surprisingly, returning to your natural hair color. Another style that is rather plain but popular as well is keeping your hair subtle brown or blonde. Sometimes the plain and simply look is just as fabulous! Some other new hair colors include dip-dyed ends, multidimensional highlights, warm and rich reds, and dark brown. After you find the perfect hair color, it is time to bring out that color with some new trendy hairdos. Celebrity Nicole Richie is rocking a few new looks that can help get you ready for some hot summer days and cool summer nights! Nicole Richie has been showing off some stunning hairstyles that are very simple to do, such as twisting, pinning, teasing, and scrunching your hair. As for twisting your hair, don’t pull out the hairspray and try to tame those fly-a-way’s; keep them for an graceful, effortless look!

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Want an awesome hairstyle to show off at the beach? Pin back your hair with just a few bobby pins for another great look! Feel like it’s going to be a hot summer night? Tease your hair by holding portions of your hair and brushing downward. No need to worry about humidity, teasing your hair will be a barrier to the hot weather and leave you with an easy, sexy look all night long! Lastly, scrunching your hair is another trendy hairstyle to rock! After a shower, simply towel dry your hair and apply styling foam, mousse, or gel to help give you a scrunched, crimped hairstyle! So what are you waiting for? Get ready for summer and show off your new look! Hey, even your hubby will enjoy it as well!

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Here are some websites to help you with your new look!



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