A Workout For Any Body (type) – Philadelphia Wedding and Event Planner – Angela Malicki

New Years has come and gone, and statistics say that by far the biggest goal society sets for itself is pertaining to weight loss/becoming healthier. That sounds fantastic, right? Except that year after year, we are continuing on a downwards slope into child obesity, diabetes, and overall unhealthy tendencies. It’s easy to promise yourself you are going to start eating healthy… starting tomorrow. But what about when you’ve worked late, don’t feel like cooking, and that extra-large double cheeseburger with bacon commercial pops into your head?

Even if eating healthy isn’t your strong suit, everyone can benefit from being a little more active. With summer just around the corner there are new and exciting ways to get you off that couch (you’ve already seen that episode of Maury anyway) and into a fun workout regimen, even if it doesn’t feel like you’re working out!

Pure Barre combines Pilates with moves seen in ballet. It is a great way to start toning up your body and losing extra inches, and you will start seeing improvements almost immediately! This workout is fantastic for those who want to sculpt abs, hips, arms, and their bottom. And not only are you working out your body, but you will leave a session feeling more relaxed and calm. According to the founders of Pure Barre, “the workout requires such focus that you block ‘life’ out for the hour allowing you to obtain the mental benefits achieved in yoga or meditation”. Sounds perfect.

Another new workout routine that is becoming a huge hit is something called the Lithe workout. There are many different exercises within Lithe but one of the most popular involves hoisting your body up in the air using bands attached to the ceiling. This is a fantastic workout for your core and also your arms! Similar to Pure Barre, Lithe has so many different workout plans you will be able to personalize what you want no matter if you’re a rookie or an expert.

And I’m sure many of you have already heard of the new, fast-paced sensation taking over a lot of gyms: Zumba. It involves many different forms of salsa, hip hop, martial arts, samba, and even a touch of belly dancing. Zumba will get your heart pumping and you’ll lose those calories before you even realized it! This is a great idea for those who “hate working out”, grab a few girl friends and enroll in a class! You can lose yourself in the music and not even realize the session is over until the music has stopped and realize you’re the only way still shaking your hips.

Summer brides still have plenty of time to get in shape before your big day. For the extra motivation and get the most out of a workout, when you don’t have tons of time think about doing a few sessions with a personal trainer. Explain what you want to focus on and when your wedding date is so they know ahead of time your goals and schedule. A lot of gyms actually have training packages created for brides and their whole wedding party. If a personal trainer seems a little out of your price range, grab your brides maids and see if the gym will offer you a discount if you all want a session. A lot of times, trainers can offer you a deal or even a free session if you refer someone to them, and you’re whole bridal party will feel and look beautiful on your wedding day! Angela has actually started a fantastic workout routine with a fantastic trainer and is already feeling better and seeing results. If you live in the Philadelphia area and are looking for trainer who is motivating and enthusiastic, email Jay Nelson at jaysinternet@msn.com. Angela personally recommends him herself!

Hope to see you all out and about this spring/summer!



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