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Happy (belated) St. Patrick’s Day!

This celebrated Irish day is recognized everywhere from Australia to Japan, so why not add a little green to your day today? In honor of this splendid, over-the-top holiday of St. Patrick’s day, lets discuss a little bit about what is going to be (and already has been) seen a lot in the fashion world this season: you guessed it, the color green.

This color is so versatile that you can have a completely different effect on your wardrobe just based on what colors or accessories you pair it with. Many brides love the earthy tones and peacefulness that go hand in hand with green. Outdoor wedding? Showcase the beautiful green trees by stringing lights throughout the branches. Indoor wedding? Bring nature indoors with an assortment of large blooming showers decorated by their green foliage. There are so many subtle ways of including the color green to really showcase other elements of your wedding: guests’ tables, the hors d’oeuvres section, take home goodie bags, the list is endless!

I’m sure you all were decked out in your favorite green attire Saturday, and so were some of our favorite celebrities. Kate Middleton looked beautiful (as usual) in a forest green coat dress with black pumps and matching black belt. Is there any thing she can’t pull off?? And even the little starlets are getting into the green action. Will Smith’s daughter, Willow, was seen walking in the streets of NYC shopping with her mother, with green hair. Everyone who’s anyone knows what the color can do to add a little more fun to your daily routine outfit or create an instantly classic look.


Loving the green fashion for 2012.

This color is fabulous because it can range anywhere from an Oscar-worthy, elegant emerald gown to a casual, laid-back T that adds a pop of color to go with any pair of jeans. And speaking of the Oscar’s, many famous celebrities were seen wearing the hottest shades of the color at the 2012 Academy Awards including: nominee Viola Davis wearing a gorgeous deep amethyst color Vera Wang strapless gown, nominee Glenn Close adorned in a dark forest green Zac Posen tight-knit dress with matching blazer, and Maria Menounos looking like a Greek goddess in a sea-foam green, flowing Maria Lucia Hohan design.

Looking for a more wearable way to showcase this color? How about a pair of bright, mint green jean shorts paired with a flowy white shirt and leather belt? Mint green will be popping up in almost all genres of fashion this summer. You will see the color being added to chunky bangles for an extra pop of color or large cocktail rings. Regardless, with a long, hot summer stretched out before us, you will definitely be able to add a cool, refreshing color like this to your wardrobe.

How about if you want to add a little pop of color to your daily routine without buying a new outfit? One of the hottest 2012 trends is a soft green nail polish. “2012 is all about the color green,” says Essie founder Essie Weingarten. “There’s something really special about it, so you’re going to see a lot of it”. You will see everything from a cool, crisp blue-green that pairs excellently with that fresh-from-the-beach tan, to the more subdued pistachio/olive tones. Either on your fingers or on your toes the right shade of green can catch anyone’s attention. Be on the lookout for Essie’s new color that came out in February called “Navigate Her” or Butter London’s “Slapper”, a fun teal that would be perfect with an eyelet dress and your favorite pair of wedges.

Another trend that has been seen everywhere from your neighborhood to the high-end fashion runway is color blocking. Green looks fabulous paired with a a bright red/orange or even some purple jewel tones. My favorite look was Camilla Belle’s Gucci ensemble showcasing a deep purple shirt under an orange blazer with high waisted, tapered green pants. You can also “spice up” an ordinary jean and t-shirt ensemble with a cute pair of pumps! Via Spiga ‘Dale’ Wedge in “grass” might just be the perfect summer wedge you’ve been looking for.


This post was brought to you by: the color green.



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