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Hi there!

Want to know 52 ways to use dish washing liquid other than cleaning dishes? How about how to make a dress from an old scarf ? Who wouldn’t like this handy information right at their fingertips? I’m sure most of you by now know what Pinterest is and most likely already have an account, but for those who don’t Pinterest in a website where you can find anything from hair style tutorials to best athletes of 2011. You can collect items that interest you and “pin” them to your virtual pinboard, organizing them in categories such as “dream homes that I would never be able to afford” to “recipes that are 2 million+ calories a bite” and everything in between. If you’re crafty and like DIY projects, Pinterest will be your Heaven. There are hundreds of ideas to keep you busy for hours on a rainy day. Not crafty? How about planning that big day and still need some last minute details to make your wedding one of a kind. Pinterest has an entire wedding and events category including adorable bridesmaid gift ideas (personalized hangers to hang their dresses on- cute!) and creative Save the Date invite ideas.

Imagine all of your brilliant ideas when it comes to your dream wedding in one place! The virtual pin board captures everything from color schemes to dress designs. If you see a dress you like, simply click the image and it will automatically take you to the site where it can be found. Pinterest is a fantastic way to stay on top of the trends and find out what’s popular. You can even search your favorite stylist/celebrity/whoever and find out everything there is about them! Search Kim Kardashian and you’ll find everything from makeup tutorials to the hottest pair of pumps she was last seen in.

Once you see a post you like or find interesting, simply click it and the site will ask if you want to “like” it, “repin”, or “comment”. If you click “repin” you can then choose the board you want to add it to. Everytime you repin a post others who are following you and are on the site will be notified there is a new “pin” on the homepage. Obviously the more diverse your pins and how often you repin, you can gain more followers.

If you are interested in joining you have to submit an invitation and the website typically takes about a week to get back to you (for some odd reason you can’t just click a button to join, you have to request an invite and wait for them to respond). If you are really impatient like me, find a friend who has a Pinterest account and ask them to email you an invite and you will be able to log in right then and there.

Happy Pinning!



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