Destination Aloha, In Philly? – Philadelphia Wedding and Event Planner – Angela MALICKI events

Close your eyes… think lounging on the beach in your own cabana, sipping on your Mai Tai with those cute little umbrella straws hanging over the side. Can you hear the ocean waves rolling onto the beach? The warm water barely coming up to your toes, which are now slowly digging deeper and deeper into that soft, powder-like sand. Got that image in your head?

Now open your eyes. As your staring at your computer screen in the corner of your work cubicle realizing how nice it would be to get away, I have one question for you- who wouldn’t want to go to Hawaii for vacation this year? Oh, can’t afford the $1,500, 24 hour round trip, plane tickets? Don’t have time to take off a week from your over-demanding job? Suddenly all relatives are MIA when needing someone to watch your three, darling children?

What’s the next best thing? Why, the Hawaii Islands of Aloha themed Philadelphia Flower Show of course! Starting at $27 a pop, tickets are much more affordable than that 12 hour plane ticket (and the commute should be a little easier for you too). And the best part is, the whole family can come! If that doesn’t do it for you, know that all proceeds from the show help out the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. Taking a mini Hawaiian vacation AND helping a good cause? Well that’s just a win/win for everyone.

The Philadelphia Flower Show truly has something for everyone. Doors of the Pennsylvania Convention Center open Sunday, March 4 at 8am and close Sunday, March 11 at 6pm. Sprinkled throughout the week are “themed nights” ranging from LGBT Night Out on Monday to Girls Night Out later in the week on Thursday. You can even meet Bethenny Frankel  on Saturday and try out some of her new Skinny Girl Cocktails. For those of us who have kids, during the weekends are events geared to a younger crowd, and how about the men in our lives?? Well for them, the ultimate Man Cave was created including table games sponsored by SugarHouse Casino, virtual competitions of Tiger Wood’s PGA, and projection screens broadcasting Sixers and Flyers games (surround sound included).

And guess who will be attending Wedding Wednesday? Of course Angela and her crew wouldn’t miss an event like this! Sponsored by Philadelphia Wedding, this event is held Wednesday from 5:30-8:30pm. Make sure to check out our table display, featuring custom-made stationary from Angela’s new line, Titus Print! There will be champagne, complimentary appetizers, and of course all types of flower displays, as well as DIY Bouquet stations hosted by Philadelphia Wedding’s Carrie Denny, and flower arranging demonstrations by Flowers by David and Robertson’s Flowers.

Hope to see you there!



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