14 ways to say I LOVE YOU, Valentine’s Day Part 13, Philadelphia Wedding and Event Planner – Angela MALICKI events

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Over the past 14 days, we have come up with several creative and quite impressive ways to show that special person how very special they are. We  have told you about the most romantic restaurants, the most decadent chocolate, and the very best ways to pamper that special someone. The one thing we have yet to do, is show you 14 creative ways to say I LOVE YOU.

  1. Writing I LOVE YOU in lipstick on a foggy mirror
  2. Getting personalized I LOVE YOU M&Ms
  3. Leave a note in his/her lunch bag with a message of I LOVE YOU
  4. Writing I LOVE YOU out with your Scrabble letters, or Words With Friends
  5. Either making or getting fortunate cookies made where the fortune says I LOVE YOU
  6. Say I LOVE YOU with a kiss…on a sheet of paper and leaving it in his desk drawer
  7. Fill a room with balloons with a note attached to each saying different reasons I LOVE YOU on it
  8. Nothing says  I LOVE YOU like a mix tape
  9. Remember in the movie “Ghost” – write a I LOVE YOU on his/her underwear!
  10. Buying your sweetie 14 gift cards to their favorite places, that is a big I LOVE YOU
  11. I know it’s corny, the big teddy bear holding a red heart saying I LOVE YOU
  12. Learn the phrase I LOVE YOU in a few different languages
  13. Spell out I LOVE YOU with rose petals leading to a hot bath filled with rose petals
  14. Say I LOVE YOU with a love note under her/his pillow

With all of these creative ways to express your love, it is nearly impossible to have a loveless Valentine’s Day. So grab those chocolates and make those reservations because Valentine’s Day is finally here. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!!


Ang and Trish

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