Chocolate, Chocolate and more Chocolate, let’s see what the Bald Man has to offer – Max Brenner Chocolate – Valentine’s Day Part 7 – Philadelphia Wedding and Event Planner – Angela MALICKI events

photo courtesy of Max Brenner

What’s a Valentine’s Day without the notorious staple – chocolate ! A treat that we know so well and keep on hand  at Angela MALICKI events. With so many options of how to give, taste, and experience chocolate this Valentine’s Day,  we are going to personally recommend the fantastic Max Brenner.  Not only is Max Brenner a fantastic place to satisfy that sweet tooth, they also offer seductive and luxurious chocolate gift baskets to entice all senses this upcoming romantic holiday. When you visit the website and go to their love and romance section, there are an array of gifts which will sure to please that lover in your life.  Some baskets include, fondue sets, love t-shirts, chocolate body paint, love mugs and an assortment of the tastiest chocolates available. Prices range from $1-$100 depending on just how sweet you want to be this year. Not enticed yet? The company is also offering free shipping on select gourmet gift sets through the tenth of February.  So, if you know that the love of your life loves chocolate just as much as they love you, head over to Max Brenner online or their convenient location on Walnut Street and pick out the perfect sweet for your sweetie.


Ang and Trisha

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