Ditching work to see the “Boss” – Philadelphia Wedding Planner – Angela MALICKI events

It’s summertime! That means the busiest time of the year for us wedding planners, but I decided to play hooky for a day and take a day trip! No, not to NYC or some shopping outlets but rather to Hoboken, NJ to Carlo’s Bakery, better know as Cake Boss!

I have been dying to go see the bakery since the showed aired and decided this was the perfect sunny day to wait in line. Back in November I saw Buddy “The Cake Boss” downtown while he was on his “Bakin’ with the Boss” tour. He is just as funny and personable as in the show! Luckily, I had an aisle seat so I was able to actually touch him and be up close and personal! The show was mostly geared toward kids but I am a big kid myself, so I really enjoyed it. Buddy talked about his family history and how Carlo’s Bakery started. He is definitely your typical Italian family man! The show was an absolute blast and he got much of the audience involved.

Picture 168

carlos bakery - buddy

Buddy, during the show, showing off his cake decorating skills.

If you have never been to Hoboken it really is a cute little town with lots of great resturants on the water. (It’s known to have the most bars in a square mile). My family and I ate at a great Irish pub called Trinity – the food was amazing and authentic! Soon after we made our way over to Washington Street (now named Carlo’s Bakery Way) to get in line. The hardest part was finding a parking spot! It is almost as bad as the city. We walked up to the store front to find only about 10 people in line – I was shocked! But little did we know, majority of the line was in the next block down. During the filming of TLC’s Cake Boss, they do not allow huge crowds outside the store front. The line was almost a whole block long! Waiting was not bad at all – we talked to people and checked out the scenery.

Picture 171
The excitment built as we got closer to the door and finally it was our turn! The “doorman” as I called him, only allows a few people in at a time, once other customers leave. Yet once the door opened and we stepped inside, we had another long line to wait in! You wait outside all that time, thinking right when you go in you will be waited on – not so true. Once inside, you are given a number (kinda like the lunch meat counter) and have atleast another 40 people in front of you. It was so crowded in there I could barely see what was in the cases, good thing I know what they have from watching the show! I knew I already had my stomach set on canoli’s, lobster tails and crumb cake! Besides that, we also got pecan sticky buns, and red velvet cupcakes. I could of got one of everything that I saw but I didn’t want to over-indulge. They bake anything you could possibly think of!

Best of all, we got a surprise appearance by Buddy himself! When your in the bakery you can see the steps that lead from the back door to the upstairs bakery and when customers spotted Buddy, people went nuts! After chanting his name, he came down to say hi to everyone. He thanked all of us for coming and supporting him – very nice! TLC was filming that day, so he had to go back up and finish his project – a cow cake!


Taking pictures inside was quite difficult due to the large crowd of people. Basically you walk in with two cases on each side with all the goodies. So if you want to see what it really looks like – take a trip yourself, it’s worth it!

Picture 176Finally! Happy as can be with all of our treats!

We weren’t out of the bakery for a minute and we were already ripping open the boxes! Of course everyone in line wants to see what you got, but my mouth was already full of desserts! I first had a canoli which was delicious to say the least! Then I dove into the red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing – amazing! Literally the freshest baked goods I have had in a while!

Picture 179

Picture 180Lobster tails to die for! They are a thin cream filled pastry – it seemed to be one of the hottest items.

Picture 181The box does not lie – it is love at first bite!

Picture 184Close to two inches thick of crumb cake! Sooo good with a glass of milk.

The ride from Philly is a little under two hours and an easy day trip for some amazing desserts! Of course, Buddy is most famous for making outrageous cakes, but I give his baked goods an A+. Maybe one day I can afford a cake!


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