Liza and Jordan – Tales of a bride and the bizzaro dreams – Part two – Philadelphia Wedding and Event Planner – Angela MALICKI events

I month or so ago, you noticed a “different” type of post, not done by Ash or myself, but our fabulous client Liza. Liza and Jordan are to wed in a few months this year, but as many brides, the crazy, bizzaro dreams and planning – turn of events occur during this process. This is Liza’s second of many posts. I hope you enjoy this as much I do!

Did Your Email Mean What I Think it Meant?

We’ve all been there. The time when the wedding planning check-list needs attention and by attention, I mean you need answers from your vendors. Email is used so frequently in our everyday lives and sometimes, unless you are constantly using happy-face symbols, our intent can be misconstrued. The same applies for emails received. Here’s my breakdown of how NOT to create a mystical nonsense world in that female head of ours when a “blunt” vendor email comes your way.
The Response Was 5 Words…I wrote 2 Paragraphs

Women (assuming it’s the bride doing the coordinating…I know, it’s bad to assume but chill out for the case of this amazingly well-written blog <insert happy face!>) are emotional beings. We get excited when a DVRd Oprah is ready to give you yet another “Ah-Ha” moment. We also are excited to be getting married. It’s like major. We’ve planned and planned and now it’s time to get ‘er done and finalize those ever-so-important items on the list. Working your way down you begin to draft an email to “Vendor Number One.” You’re excited, you want to know when to schedule your rehearsal so you can then schedule your rehearsal dinner. Seems to be a logical enough request, right? Then you start writing…and writing…and writing…and before you know it you have written the fourth book in the Twilight series. All you needed an answer for was: what time are you open until so I can set the schedule for my rehearsal? 

And then comes the response: We’re only open until 5. You sit in shock for a good minute analyzing why they didn’t add animated comment to the rest of your romance novel. Then you begin to over-analyze and create that mystical nonsense world in your brain that says: “I had a feeling they had an attitude from the start…I am paying them, I should not have to deal with this…They are probably too busy right now to comment on my novel…They better call me to apologize for their overly blunt response.”

At this moment ladies, it’s time to take your hands away from the keyboard and reply button. Compose yourself. Remember that you are not the only bride inquiring about your unique agenda. Remember that “Vendor Number One” responded to you in a rather swift fashion to provide you with the information you needed to move on to step #2. Remember that even though there was a lack of happy faces, they are still committed to making sure your day goes as smoothly as you imagine it because you would not have booked them if you didn’t also feel a good energy when “interviewing.”
We are women, we love that emotional connection and we want other women in our lives – from friends to vendors – to feel the same way. Guess what? They do. But they don’t have to respond with the sequel to The Notebook to prove it.
Until next time….


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