Did Hot Mama get a Hot Deal? – Philadelphia Wedding and Event Planner – Angela MALICKI events

Lets cut to the chase – did Hot Mama Deidrea sink or swim with the sharks? You’re probably dying to know! Although you should of been watching the show, we can tell you all the inside scoop.

Deidrea, owner of Hot Mama Gowns, pitched her company to the sharks on ABC’s show, Shark Tank, on Friday, April 22nd. Of course we planned a fabulous viewing party for her at McKenzie Brew House in Glen Mills for all of her family and friends to watch the exciting outcome together. Well the answer is – she both sank and swam with the sharks! Deidrea did get an offer from real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran, butturned it down! Crazy, right! Barbara wanted to change some things about the gowns, including sizing, which Deidrea felt was not beneficial. Hot Mama Gowns are made specifically for real women sizes – we all know that small, medium, large doesn’t always work for our body types! Barbara also offered to give Deidrea the $30,000 she asked for but wanted 40% of  her company. (I don’t blame her for saying no, you put in all that work, why would you want to give so much away?)

HMG4Some of Deidrea’s very real reactions while watching herself on Shark Tank.

The viewing party at McKenzie’s was definitely a hot mama party! So many of Deidrea’s “cheerleaders” were there rooting her on. Everyone was so excited and anxious to see what had happened, since Deidrea had to keep it a secret since October! The party was held in a private room downstairs of McKenzie’s with televisions all around to watch. Everyone who came through the door was simply thrilled to be there – you could just tell by the look on their face. Luckily, Kevin York Photography was there to capture each moment of the night.

Of course, since we are now “professional swaggers” – there were amazing swag boxes given away to guests at the end of the night! The boxes were stuffed with “mommy” gifts including tea from Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics, adorable hair clips from Kula Klips, cloth diaper detergent from Rockin’ Green Soap, a face cloth fromLunaPads, a delicious oatcake from Effie’s Homemade, organic baby soap from Sweet Knee, and a beautiful blanket from Babi LayersThe Belly Button Boutique also donated a UPPA baby VISTA stroller (worth $679.99) that Deidrea raffled off the night of the viewing. After stuffing 100 swag boxes with baby goodness, I think Ash and I are experts on what to suggest to mommy’s to be.

The space was decked out with all of Deidrea’s Hot Mama items. She had two gowns on display, along with swaddling blankets. Hot Mama Gowns even had their own custom M&M’s! The Orginial Runner Co. donated a hot pink aisle runner for the entrance, which looked absolutely amazing! The event was packed with hot mamas (and some dads too)!


The night started out FABULOUS, D wore these will shoes with hints of pink. I love her entire outfit, including her chic coiff ! All guests were photographed in front of the step and repeat board that we designed and set up. How glamorous!!!
HMG2Deidrea with some of her fellow hot mamas i, bottom left photo includes (L) Pina Rahill of Parent Express Magazine, Karla Trotman (3), Hot Mama herself, and  Shannon Choe(R) , founder of Premier Baby Concierge and Karla Trotman, owner of Belly Button Boutique.

HMG7Some of Deidrea’s “cheerleaders” as she likes to call her family and friends. Pictured in the top left photo is Veronica Utz, owner of babyB designs (center)

Deidrea really tells the story best. We can only imagine the adrenaline running through her body the night of the viewing! After the show Deidrea did a breif Q&A session – and it turns out that since the show she has had an “angel investor” come into her life. We won’t give away too many details – so you can read it yourself on her Hot Mama Blog.

Deidrea looking like a hot mama during her Q & A session!

Hot Mama Gowns has really made its footprint on the mama map and we have been happy to be a part of her journey! We wish you all the best Deidrea!


Ang, owner of Angela MALICKI events and Deidrea, the Hot Mama!!!
Ang & Ash

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