Liza and Jordan – Tales of a bride and the bizzaro dreams – Part one – Philadelphia Wedding and Event Planner – Angela MALICKI events

So, as you know, we have phenom clients that we get to know personally and that grow into relationships. I met Liza and Jordan several months ago and we knew that we were perfect together (isn’t that how it should be)! Liza, in person and all avenues of communication, is hilarious, after reading a few posts on facebook, I had to have her guest blog.
This soon – to – be – Bride, sparked a “OMG I have to have this stuff on my blog”. So this is the beginning of a great dream sequence in the life of Liza and Jordan. I hope you enjoy this as much I do.
Jordan proposes to Liza! 009
Liza and Jordan – how cute (priceless and nice tatts Jordan)
Liza & Jordan Are Getting Hitched on September 16!
I Threw an Exercise Ball at my Officiant’s Head…
Let’s talk about dreams, shall we? You know, the dreams we soon-to-be-brides have in the months leading up to our nuptials? I thought I was the exception to these dreams. Yep. I thought I was so calm, cool and collected that I was untouchable and frankly, “so not that kind of bride” that would stress the BIG day. Well, I was wrong, very wrong. Talking about my dreams and experiences with you all will hopefully make me feel sane again and perhaps give you a good chuckle in the process.
What the…..?!
All was moving along on my big day. We (bridal party/mom’s/grandparents) were getting ready at Artesano, Angela was there moving things along and then before I knew it – as dreams go -I was walking down the aisle to marry Jordan. The ceremony began and my officiant was speaking of love and partnership (insert “awwwwwww”) and then it was time for our vows. As I was about to speak my “sweet nothings” to Jordan, some random lady walked up and told our officiant she had an urgent phone call. I looked at Jordan and saw he had a very round belly. Not a beer belly, ladies, a pregnant belly. Then I looked down and saw my own pregnant belly. While it looked very “Bethany Ever After” at first, I quickly went into freak-out mode.
Fast forward (as again, dreams go) and our officiant walked back up to announce that she had to leave immediately (yes, before marrying us!) to officiate another orthodox wedding. I then looked at Jordan and he was no longer pregnant but sitting on a large exercise ball. I realize I too am no longer pregnant and I take the ball from Jordan. As our officiant was walking away, I threw the ball at her head so hard that she fell flat on her face. I remember a scary sense of victory before waking up and laughing hysterically. What the…?!
So…Let’s Break this Bad-Boy of a Dream Down Shall We?
The interruption of our vows: 
A fear of not saying what we have put so much pressure on ourselves to say.
This is the one day when you are supposed to profess your never-ending love and devotion, right? Well, why don’t we do that each and every moment we’re together? Why wait until we have a room full of people to witness our love to say and SHOW each other how incredibly amazing and inspirational they are to us? I vow to tell Jordan every moment that he rocks my world and couldn’t be more blessed that he is my partner in life. FOR-EV-A.
Jordan was preggers…and so was I: 
Thinking too much about the future – what may or may not be and how we’ll handle it.
Most soon-to-be-married folks have talked about their “visions” for life after marriage. The decision to have children is pretty high on that talk for many. And from what I gather after talking about this subject with my friends and family who have gone through this, the thought of “I wonder IF I can have kids” comes up a lot. I share in this “thought” (TAKE OUT ….) and sometimes think too much about tomorrow vs. living for today. I’m a woman, I like to plan and emotionally connect to my current and future life butsometimes all that planning can make you go B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Just as I live by A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, I need to live by being PRESENT and trust that we will embark on starting a family when the time is right and what will be, will be.
I threw an exercise ball at my officiant’s head (hahahaha):
Worrying too much about how my arms will look in my dress vs. remembering he’ll love me regardless of the muscle definition.
We all “dream” of what we’ll look like on our wedding day; the dress, the hair, the make-up, the jewels…and then the “dream” becomes an obsession. Personally, I began my “kick-it-up-a-notch” workout regimen two months ago with the idea that I’d start jogging three times a week along with some strength training mixed-in. That was going well until I went to an amazing flow yoga class which ended with me crying hysterically. As I reflected on the spiritual movement that had occurred after this amazing yoga session with my dear friend, she helped me understand that this “vision” is about more than getting my arms toned. It’s about dealing with all the speed bumps that happen along the way and truly being there for each other when the tough gets going. We all should remember that our chosen partners for life are just that – there for us for life. I don’t take that commitment lightly and I pray that you don’t either because when my toned arms become soft andever-so wrinkled, I know Jordan will be there to tell me how beautiful I am, just the way I am.
Until next time…
ang and Liza


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