Cairnwood Gala – Blast in a glass, tent, mansion, box whatever! – Philadelphia Wedding and Event Planner – Angela MALICKI events

Yesterday Ashley and I attended the Cairnwood Gala in Bryn Athyn. We sponsored the swag boxes that each couple left home with. Ok, what is a “swag” box? I know, in Hollywood all the celebrity attendees receive a “thank you” box for joining the event. We designed our box with the guests in mind. What was in the Box???

What would be a great starter, for me, after every event, wedding whatever, I have the munchies, so we partnered with our good friend Maki, owner of Cupcakes Gourmet in Wayne. Maki designed yummy cupcakes for each box. DId I mention there were 200 boxes! Next, we got the food part down, Donna, owner of Beautiful Blooms donated cute flower shaped votive. I love body products and all things beauty, Kiehl’s in King of Prussia designed goodie bags filled with all sorts of product that is perfect for men and women. Who doesn’t love that. Deb VanCleve owner of the Van Cleve Collection, graciously donated gift cards to her fabulous boutique on the Main Line. Montgomery County Local business Lux Interiors donated a gift card and trinket wrapped in a box. Lastly what did we put in the box. We wanted to show our custom print design services so I hand drew a picture of the Cairnwood Mansion, yes, seriously I did. We them had them printed into note cards with matching envelopes and color liners.

This event was so much fun and we were happy to a part of it and working with great business partners. Check out the pics for yourself




So we first started out with 70 sheets of Lokta handmade paper. The sheets were huge, and we cut them down to fit the envelopes. All 1000 of them!!! They had to be perfect, thank god for that guillotine cutter that Todd bought me. A vintage one to, oh I almost chopped my fingers a few times!


This is the finished product! A set of note cards wrapped with a belly band with our logo. Check out the drawing. Cute.


So my house looked like a storage facility, not fun for titus at all as he loves to hang out in the dining under the table. The boxes were a solid white gloss then completed with a tiffany blue ribbon and our logo on a sticker.

***Great touch for customizing your packages or goodie boxes for your out of town guests for your wedding or event.


Ashely and I walked into this GORGEOUS archway designed by Beautiful Blooms, this was a great start to the event, next, when you walk through out the mansion, there are many rooms, the top center pic was Feastivities Events display. They created a great food and floral set up with different cheeses and other treats. The center bottom was designed by our good friends at Natural Designs Floral. They really out did themselves with this great rendition of Maxfield Parrish “Day Break”. Of course, Ashely to the right here in the tent outside of the mansion. I love the arch here. She looks great in her purple dress!

When walked in to the tent, immediately we saw a Swinging Fairy. of course Sandy O, owner of Creative Juice Group, was involved with this. If you have never attended an event with a Creative Juice Group Flair you are missing out. Check out her site. We were also part of the silent auction as well. Our wonderful drawing of the Cairnwood Mansion was auctioned off. We donated 3 prints and all sold. Those years in art schoolpaid off.


And here we are again, I had to have a pic of me and Christina owner of Paper – Rock – Scissor. 


A SPECIAL thanks to Jackie Bayne, owner of Love Shack Photography for taking with photo of me in the SWAG room! Thanks JACKIE!!!!!!!!

We had a blast, hope you enjoyed our pics and they inspired you!!!!

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