What do these things have in common – cigar roller, casino tables, photobooths, firecrackers and caricature artist? Sounds like one bleep of a party to me! – Philadelphia Wedding and Event Planner – Angela MALICKI events

So you’re probably wondering what do games and activities have to do with your wedding? Well if you haven’t heard by now, games and activities are the new “to do.” As we all have probably experienced, there are a few “wait” times before and during the reception where everyone stands around drink in hand. Well, this is the time for you to come up with something creative!

Great idea for a gaming room. This wedding took place at the Glen Foerd in the Ratskelter, it was so much fun. photos www.artoflove.com

Some of our own past clients have done activites and it was a huge success! We have had casino gaming rooms with cigar rollers and wine tasting as well as fun hip lounge with Photobooths, candy bars and flatscreens playing “Beerfest”!

photo www.artoflove.com

Although some guests may think activities are a little corny, we all have an inner child, so why not let it out? So while your guests are waiting for you to take pictures and touch up, have some great entertainment!

1. Have your cake decorated during cocktail hour – Bakeries are now offering cake decorating at your wedding! Now of course, you must have a simple cake that may only take an hour or so to decorate. But who wouldn’t love to see the creation that they get to divulge into later?

2. Couple Trivia – You can make this as simple or as complicated as you wish. Type up some questions about the bride and groom, hand out the quiz and see who knows the most! (I have done this before at a wedding, and it was a lot more fun than it sounds!).

3. Photo booth – We all know that we can’t say no to those fun photo booths. You see them in the mall or on the boardwalk – why not at your wedding? There are a few companies out there now offering this service. All you do is rent it and let everyone have some fun! Some places offer a live video of inside the photo booth which can be a screen so all the guests can watch the fun. Photos are then printed out for a fun favor!’


As you can see, we get into the fun to. I have a cork board full of these pics. You can also customize the strip with your logo printed on them. Several were taken by our good friends at Go Festive!

4. Guessing Jar – This goes back to school days when during the holidays you got to guess how many jelly beans or M&M’s were in the jar. Simple and easy for all the guests to enjoy! The winner gets to take home the jar of goodies!

Seriously, the candy bar is the hit at every wedding and event. This is a great idea for a favor option. Perfect snack when your done partying at night and you have the munchies. photo by www.dollfacestudio.com

5. Advice Box – You have probably heard about the “wish” boxes at weddings, but don’t they really all say the same thing? Change it up a little and have an advice box. I can only imagine what some advice would be for a successful marriage!  You will have a great time reading the “advice” later

This was a cute idea, who doesn’t want words of wisdom from family and friends that have been together forever.Ofcourse the great memories to when looking back on your big day. photo by www.dollfacestudio.com

I know your wedding is supposed to be all lovey dovey, but make it fun! Engage your guests and make them really feel a part of your special day. Of course, if you need help with planning, you know who to call!

One of my favorite pics. A send off with Sparklers! Who doesn’t love that.photo bywww.photojoe.com


Ang and Ash

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