Ah, Wedding Season! Why stress! – Philadelphia Wedding and Event Planner – Angela MALICKI event

Wedding season is blossoming early for many professionals and of course, planners. Couples are either beginning or finalizing their plans for their big day, and the panic begins! No matter how organized one can be, there is that little issue that comes to mind of “What might Happen”? Don’t stress, I’m here for you baby! What does a planner do exactly? We take all your stressful thoughts and throw them out the window. A planner is that person that understands your needs and can see your vision, and most of all-knowing your day will be perfect! A go to person when you need advice for those last minute “whatevers”, but most of all your PLANNER. I remember when I got married, I had no planner and I wish I did.Some of those “What might Happen” did happen. Whadda ya gonna do!

This is the most important time of your life- next to the birth of your first born or your first home purchase. But knowing that there is someone there TCBing, your head will be clear.

Angela MALICKI events not only offers Full Service Wedding Coordination and Event Design, but the ever most popular “Day OF”For further information about Creative Services, Graphic Design and Event Coordination –  contact Ang

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