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Just got engaged? Congrats! We have a few tips on how to make this fabulous time of your life as smooth, successful, and stress free as possible while still enjoying all the attention that you deserve. Once your significant other puts a ring on IT, you immediately call your family, then your BFF. Most importantly, get that manicure girl!! Now here comes the part where engagements can become a little stressful. The questions will arise, “What do we ultimately want for our wedding”? After the magic phase wears off and you spent about $200 bucks on those wonderful, informative glossy magazines, your fairy tale dream has come true but with a few things that you might not have thought about like “Will the ceremony be religious or not? In what season will we get married? How long of an engagement do we want? How large of a wedding are we considering? OMG what is my budget? HELP where are the tissues! Don’t stress, it gets easier.

Those are all very good questions and once finding the asnwers to them, the most important task that you will have is to immediately hire an EVENT PLANNER! To plan a wedding, it will typically take 250 plus hours. Surprised? Well if you break down every element of your wedding, from selecting a venue, organizing transportation to your out-of-town guests, designing your dinner menu, choosing your wedding day look, meeting with multiple professionals – 250 hours definitely adds up fast. Event planners are skilled in this department, they know exactly what they are talking about and can make this process quick, easy, and stress-free for your big day. If and when you decide on hiring an event planner, make sure they connect with you and your fiance. They will be planning the most important day of your life, so you want to make sure that they are the right fit for both of you. Once you find that special wedding planner, the process will already feel less stressful. One important suggestion is to immediately book the location of the ceremony, venue for the rehearsal dinner and reception, and any vendor that you “have to have” for your wedding (i.e. photographer, caterer, etc). Even if you decide on a longer engagement, it is always helpful to know that the important details are already completed. The color scheme, attire, flowers, etc., can come later. If you cannot afford a planner, try contacting one and see if he or she can accomodate your needs. But always remember that this should be a happy time in your life, not a stressful one. Congratulations on all the recent engagements that have happened over the holidays and, it is hoped that these tips will help you throughout your engagement process!


Ang and Em

Kate Middleton”s engagement Ring

14 diamonds encircling a sapphire

Jessica Simpson’s Ring

2 diamonds and ruby

Natalie Portman Engagement Ring

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