Happy Thanksgiving!!!!



Ahh Thanksgiving, the early rise of cooking the famous bird, setting the table with the “Good Stuff”, family coming over reminiscing about the good ol’days and the all the non-stop football games on the T.V. Memories. Most importantly, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on what matters to most – Being Thankful! We would like to thank all of our past and future clients for letting us be part of their special day and  “their” memories. I, would like to thank my FABULOUS team, without them I could not do what I do with out them. The hours and dedication that they put into the designing and coordination, words can not describe my gratitude. Also, AME’s new addition, Zeke, our graphic design assistant has been a blessing with his talent and patience. I can not thank you enough. To all the talented and amazing professionals that we have worked with and will be working with, you have made our job exciting and fun, most important of all, the friendship that was gained afterwards.Lastly, my husband and family. You have been a great support through the years with advice and business succession. You constantly keep me focused on doing what I do best-designing.

To everyone  – HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!



PS Happy Birthday to the other love of my life, titus ,our miniature schnauzer xoxo

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