Industrial-Chic, Eiffel Tower, Phoenixville- what’s the connection?

PXV foundry

PXV Foundry exterior

As a designer, I am always looking for what is relevant ,different and not the “norm” in my research. I had moved to Phoenixville 3 years ago away from “Suburbia” to a place that is NOW hip and up “n” coming. Walking thru downtown PXV, I noticed this “Industrial” Structure that was not your “Norm” for the area. I walked up to the building, peaking thru the glass, and what I saw was a designers dream. Tall steel beams, Vaulted ceilings and and open floor plan. And that was 3 years ago. Today this Fabulous “Industrial – Chic” venue is born and known as The Phoenixville Foundry.Bob Tomasso, head of directors for the Foundry gave me a educational tour. Rich in history and full of detail, this is a couple’s dream, as well as a designer. You really have to check out this beauty, located right on Main Street in the heart of Phoenixville. Luxe decor through out the venue from custom crystal light installations, 60′ vaulted ceilings to state of the art sound system piped in the beams (plus outside).Did I mention the photo ops!

PXV Birdseye view

PXV Birdseye view

Today, many of our bridges and known structures are built with Phoenixville Steel. A well known structure, housed in one of the most romantic city in the world is build with puddled iron, imported from PXV – you guessed correctly The Eiffel Tower in Paris. (little known fact about the ET, it was actually inspired by an American engineers drawing of a tower that has to be built for Philadelphia’s 1876 Centenial Exposition, but it never was built )

Eiffel Tower with Sunset

Eiffel Tower with Sunset

(this is for you Linds:)

P.S. Phoenixville was voted Top 101 Places to Live in the US found on HubPages. 

You gotta love that!

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