It’s interesting how scent links to memory. And on your wedding day, that scent will stay in your memory forever. I know that you have that FABULOUS dress and those killer shoes, but what about that one thing that defines you. I remember growing up my dad wore Aqua Velva (I know it’s still around), and that is what  he wore on his wedding day. I still have that memory of him.

Imagine having your own fragrance designed by the house of CREED. This one true fit for royalty. Grace Kelly herself indeed did (you go girl). CREED was commissioned to create a fragrance that complimented her bouquet that she carried down the aisle. FLEURISSIMO! Hollywood glamor +  royal quality, what else do you ask for. “A wedding fragrance should be subtle” say Dona Marchese, CREED specialist at Neiman Marcus in King of Prussia. When your guests hug you at your wedding, a slight scent should be present, and that memory will remain with them.
A few other personal CREED fragrances are Love in White, Michelle O’s favorite and the bottle resembles a wedding dress. Spring Flowers worn by Madonna.
Other fragrances that might define you
Prada Infusion D’iris voted “Best new Fragrance” in 08″
Chanel No.5 and the new kid on the block Eu Premier Chanel No.5
Estee Lauder Pleasures voted Allure mag “Best Classic in 09″(I actually wore this one on my wedding day, and have been for the past 11 years)
Vera Wang
Estee Lauder Beautiful
ANYTHING by Clive Christian
Boucheron Jaipur Saphir
Sexy and Chic
Angel by Thiery Mugler – one of my UBER favs!
Prada the original
Coco Chanel Mademoiselle – SUPER SEXY!
Issay Miyake
Cartier Panthere de Cartier
Marc Jacobs LoLa
Victor and Rolf Flower Bomb
Okay guys, I didn’t forget about you! Most of the time, men just shave with the good old Gillette clean fresh and ditch the “Man Smell”. Well there are a plethora of scents that will have your new wifey biting more then your neck.
My personal favorites, oldie, newbies but goodies
Terre by Hermes, not only does my old man wear this but it won the FiFi award 2 years ago, and beat out Sean John by P Diddy out of the water (that is also another good one)
Good Ol’ Aqua Di Gio
Chanel Platinum Egoiste (Todd’s fav for the past 10 years)
CREED Imperial worn by Usher and JT
I hope that this little fragrance 101 will have you thinking alitle harder on picking out your “Smell” for your wedding day. All these fabulous fragrances can be found at Neiman Marcus. Dona Marchese is your only CREED specialist in the area, give her a call or stop by 610.354.0500 x 2416 – tell her Ang sent ya!
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