“What do you mean you don’t eat MEAT-that’s OK, I’ll make Lamb for you! Wedding and Event Planner-Angela MALICKI events


Growing up Greek, Easter was a big “to do” holiday for the orthodox religion, from the week long services to the grand finale Saturday midnight mass. There is nothing like it. But what is also a big tradition for us is the Pasha (Easter) meal. Traditional Greek dishes include “The Lamb” – this is the main part of our feast. check out the film “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” when the aunt introduces the “meat” to the soon to be groom,Ian, a vegetarian, and comes to find out that “meat” is not his thing. Well, you know the reaction that all the Greeks had (or not, check out the film).

(clearly my egg was not the survivor of this cracking challenge-better luck next year)

Other traditional foods include the “Magiritsa”, a lemon-cream soup made form the lambs sweetmeats. Dyed eggs are common in both religions, however our “Kokkina -red dyed eggs” are found at every table and is tradition for each person to crack an egg with one another. This symbolizes the Christ breaking from the Tomb. The person that outlasts with out a cracked egg, they will have good luck for the rest of the year. My other favorite parts are the sweets! Greek easter cookies – “Kouloura” and Sweet bread known as “Tsoureki or Challah Bread”. There is no other feast like this one. To complete this tradition, you need some good retsina, ouzo, a bouzouki and music. And remember,  food that is rejected or not eaten at a Greek house, will not only insult the host, but also bring them bad luck. So bring an empty stomach!


(Cousin Connie’s Greek Salad – looks and tastes FABULOUS!)

Tradtional Greek Salad:

Romanine Lettuce – chopped very thin

Vine Ripened Tomatoes (grown locally)

Kalamata Greek Black Olives

Scallions or Large Sweet Onion

Cucumbers (optional)

Traditional Greek Feta (do not be fooled by other brands)

Salt,Pepper, Oregano


Olive Oil, balsamic vinger, lemon salt, pepper and oregano

mix well!

Xristos Anesti!

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