“I want to wake up in the city that never sleeps” where else New York – HELLO!

An event no matter if its a wedding, private party mitzvahs, it needs that one thing to get the crowd going. I know, the atmosphere – yes, the people – yes, most importantly THE MUSIC!!!!!! I am fortunate to know and work with the best in this industry, and as you know I design, think and coordinate BIG. I have a strong passion in music (not playing) but listening to the right beat and sound. I had the pleasure in meeting with George Andrews, owner of International Sounds, based out of New York with offices on Park Avenue and various parts of the region. He is not only an amazing entrepreneur, but a spectacular entertainer.Featured in print and t.v. including Inside Bride and party Momma and dubbed as New York’s “King of Entertainment”. Andrews has been in the industry for over 25 years and has traveled all around the world from Amsterdam, Spain and Greece to develop his brand. His company has entertained the upper echelon, from New York locals like Mayor Bloomberg , the cast of the Sopranos to partying with Regis Philbin and Colin Cowe. George takes pride in his work with a proven track record of excellance. International Sounds offers a plethora of  finer services including decor, draping and lighting. International Sounds has a diverse team that speak many languages from Spanish, Greek, Italian, Hebrew and Russian. Check out his site and see for yourself, make sure tune in to his music gallery while viewing the site.


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